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Irish Electric Bicycle Association

The Irish Electric Bicycle Association has been formed by Ireland's only electric bike specialist & BEBA. Having achieved a level of consistency in Ireland for service and quality of electric bikes provided to consumers and dealers IEBA has been established to advice on quality.

We all know cheap electric bikes are creeping into Ireland, we fully expected it to happen, it did in every other Country & we can hopefully help potential electric bike owners avoid the pit falls of sub standard & in most cases illegal rubbish which is bad news for the customer & the industry.

The association is a PR house to promote the use of electric cycles. Our efforts will be focussed on educating consumers about the benefits of electric cycles, giving them an 'industry stamp' of recognition for meeting certain service commitments.

All members will work together as a unified voice to challenge legislative law changes, campaign for an increase in the C2W scheme that was brought to Ireland by the founder members of IEBA.

We have founded IEBA simply because we believe in the industry & our colleagues across Europe that constantly help when called upon enabling us to catch up with European & predominantly British expertise across the electric bike world. Our President John Gallahue is a long time political campaigner for change & a retired politician. The chairman is Marty Mannering who founded Goeco & developed the cycle to work scheme in Ireland.
Although at this early stage of IEBA's development BEBA is our first port of call for advice & guidance, however we all know Ireland is a different animal when it comes to politics & we will endeavour to develop our independent web site over the coming months.
Questions are welcome, encouragement appreciated.

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