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Conversion kits


Superb Kit & affordable  €1250
Product Information

Wheels in 20", 26" & 28"

Electric Features include:

Brakes with cut off switches,
Twist grip with battery indicator,

Triple Riding Modes:       Pedal Only, Pedal Assisted and Full Motor Power.
Electric Motor:                8F.u.n 36V 250W intelligent No Hall brushless hub motor,
Motor Controller:            No Hall 36V 250W,
Max Speed:                     15MPH (UK Max) Assisted 25MPH+
Max Riding:                      Up to 35 Miles(Depending on the rider's weight)
Battery:                           Panasonic 36V 10Ah Li-Ion battery with power Key - to turn on/off power
Battery life:                     Recharge in 4 to 6 hours > 1000 recharge cycles

New technique No Hall Motor and Controller,
the most reliable equipment on the market today.

Price: €1250 including delivery

1200w Kit  26" or 28" only

Expensive but fantastic €1850 delivered

The first thing to say about these kits is that, at 1200watts they would immediately make your bike illegal to use on Irish roads.   We therefore cannot recommend their use on bikes which will be used on public roads or in any way condone such action!
Now we've got that out of the way, these kits are very very quick!   Each kit is capable of taking you and your bike will take you to over 30mph!  This will, of course, depend on your bike, your weight, road conditions, terrain etc.

The kit comes with a thumb type throttle incorporating the battery meter, rear rack for either a road or touring type bike or full suspension bike along with 48v 12Ah Li-Ion battery pack.   The kit also the pedelec (pedal assist) components but note that the pedelec function is almost redundant and you are, in my opinion, better off not bothering to install it!

In addition to the type of rack available we can also supply the kit as either front wheel or rear wheel.   Please note that the rear wheel version will only take a threaded, free wheel, cassette so you may have to obtain one of those, dependent upon your existing bike.

Apart from the possible need for a cassette, the kit comes with everything (please see below) you need to convert your bike including full and detailed instructions with easy to follow pictures


"   Maintenance-free built-in controller
"   Regenerative brakeing and cruise control
"   Quick and easy conversion
"   Accepts voltages: 24/36/48V (Supplied with 48v Battery Pack in Kit)
"   Super thin motor for existing bikes
"   Higher torque for climbing
"   Front Wheel Rim: Alloy Double Rim for strength
"   Wheel size: 26" or 700C
"   Motor: 1.2Kw Magic Pie Brushless Motor (Front and Rear Fitting Available)
"   Controller: Incorporated into wheel  

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